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Rollmatic Manual Floor Mounted Pastry Dough Sheeters

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Traditional manual dough sheeter. One of the most successful Rollmatic models thanks to its outstanding features and high reliability.

Specialized belt speeds and aluminium handle for micrometric adjustment of rollers lowering. Joy-stick and pedal lamination cycle reversal. The machine is highly compact, thanks to its upward-folding tables. Stainless steel protection grid with safety microswitch and gas piston lifting device. Suitable for small and medium shops, restaurants and hotels. Unparalleled in its category.

Rollmatic Floor mounted sheeter.

Also available in automatic / semi-automatic models as well as bench mounted manual units.

Pastry dough sheeter featuresSH500SH600SH6002PSH6600-14
Belt Dimension 500 600 600 650
900 1100 1300 1400
Sheeting Speed 30m / min
Roller Length (mm) 500 600 660
Roller Diameter (mm) 60 71 84
Roller Opening (mm) 38 48 60
Power 3 Phase, 415V
Weight (Kg) 160 175 228 268
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The ROLL sheeters line has made Rollmatic famous not only for quality and reliability, but also for the technical solutions which remain a landmark in the market. The attention to manufacturing details guarantees a fine and pliable dough which is kneaded continuously and homogeneously without interruptions.

The sleek, cornerless design avoids the accumulation of dust and facilitates cleaning. Easy scraper removal and, in models with mobile tables, easy belt replacement. Micrometric dough thickness adjustment, upward folding table to reduce overall dimensions, compact table versions and traditional floor-based versions.

All parts in contact with the dough are food compatible. Noiseless operation. Wide range of accessories, from the cutting set to the flour duster and the automatic dough spooling unit available in the more prominent models.

Semiautomatic and automatic versions with simplified programmable touch screen and 100 work programs. Tables from 500 to 700 mm wide and from 500 to 2000 mm long, depending on the model and version.