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Piping Unit Air Operated

Profimaster compressor is silent and totally suitable for indoor use.

For use with the pneumatic piping gun. Comes with wheels and weighs only 20 kg - for ease of mobility. Can be used for many other pneumatic machines (8 bar). The Profimaster and Piping Syringe is unique to Australia and eliminates the hard wrist work involved with traditional piping bags.

The Syringe can be purchased as a single item if a compressor is already available. It is designed for heavy products such as Viennese Shortbread, Biscuits, Cookies etc.

Depositor Benefits

  • Strong and reliable.
  • No more aching wrists or sore muscles.
  • Be proactive in the fight against poor work methods.

This unit is like using a piping bag, but without all work involved. Totally operated by compressed air, the unit accurately pipes all your biscuits, eclairs, puffs, viennese fingers etc, perfectly every time. Will use all your existing nozzles, no need to purchase new nozzles. Connect to any air compressor at 8 bar.

Depositor gun in use.
Profimaster compressor
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