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Atlas Bun Divider Rounder - AS 3040

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The Atlas AS 3040 divider rounder represents great value for money.

Atlas semi‐automatic divider rounder was designed to be used by qualified people in bakery production. The semi‐automatic divider rounder of 22, 30 or 36 units is a manual volumetric weight divider for bakery dough, with the detail that it can also roll the dough semi‐automatically.

  • The top structure is completely built in cast iron, giving the machine a compact, stable and resistant structure.
  • Stainless steel cutting knives
  • Aluminium moulding plate
  • Synthetic rounding plate for food
  • Dough rounding plate
  • Chrome steel shafts
  • Synthetic painting that makes the machines surface completely smooth and easier to clean
  • Machine painted to eliminate rusting
  • All models have an electric installation in compliance with CE certified European, American (ANSI/UL std. 763), and Canadian (CSA std. C22.2 no, 1335.2.14) rules
Model Equal Units Weight range
AS-30A 30 pieces 30g up to 100g each
AS-30B 30 pieces 40g up to 120g each
AS-36A 36 pieces 10g up to 40g each
AS-36B 36 pieces 30g up to 100g each
AS-22 22 pieces 50g up to 150g each
Atlas AS3040 Divider - Rounder.

Atlas Divider Rounder
Divisions 30
Dough Weight 30-120
Capacity 3.6 Kg
Weight 360Kg
Power 0.75 Kw
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